The Trška Church

The Trška Church is located about 5 kilometers from Žagubica, along the road leading to Petrovac na Mlavi. It is dedicated to the birth of the Mother of God, and it is under state protection. It is said that the church was built in 1274, thus it represents the oldest sacral institution in the Braničevo District. The church was built in the Raška style, namely, it is a single-nave building with a later added external narthex in the Moravian style. At the place where usually founders are being buried, they found the skeleton of a woman holding a newborn in her hands. The church is most famous for its west facade which is adorned with griffins, lions, and a representation of a double-headed eagle. Inscriptions, mostly of a tombstone character, along with rough contours of humans and animals, as well as geometric elements, are carved on the plinth of the church.

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