“The Maiden Bridge”

The stone bridge, popularly known as “The Maiden Bridge”, is located in Homolje, on the territory of Žagubica. It was built on the Breznica River, a tributary of the Mlava River in Gornjak gorge. It is about 1,3 kilometers far from Gornjak Monastery, along the regional Žagubica - Krepoljin - Petrovac na Mlavi road. The foundations of this bridge originate from the period when Romans ruled these regions. It has been ruined and renewed several times. The last renewal was back in 1909. A century later, it requires another renewal and protection against further collapse. The name “The Maiden Bridge” was given after a legend saying that a girl died when she jumped from this bridge to prevent the faith of other young girls who were taken to harems by the Turks.  

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