The Homolje Mountains

The Homolje Mountains are located in Eastern Serbia and they belong to a group of Carpathian-Balkan Mountains. They extend in a west-east direction and are situated between the Zviška Valley in the north and the basin of Žagubica in the south.

The highest peak of the Homolje Mountains is “Homoljski Oman” which is 962 meters high. The second highest peak, right after the previously mentioned one, is “Štubej” whose altitude is 940 meters. “Štubej” is mostly visited by nature lovers and mountaineers. The Mountains were built of old rocks from the Paleozoic age. The central part of the mountain range is made of granitoid, while the northwestern and southeastern parts are of limestone composition. The Mountains have rounded ridges and steep rocks that are dissected by numerous streams and small rivers. The Homolje Mountains are rich in dense beech and oak forests which contribute to the already existing pulchritude. The Mountains have a potential for hunting and excursion tourism since they have numerous streams and beautiful surrounding nature. Furthermore, they have a good traffic relation to numerous rural settlements nearby. Unlike Beljanica, the Homolje Mountains are quite less visited. Their beauty and splendent natural landscape lure all those who love nature and fresh air.

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