The Spring of Izvarica rises from a smaller sinkhole at an altitude of 275 m. It is in the form of a smaller lake whose diameter is 10 m. The spring is located about 500 m away from the village of Izvarica, in its southeastern part. It is quite steady and it has never dried up so far. Its water is clear, but it becomes muddy only after heavy rains or an abrupt snow break. Biology experts claim that the flora found in the Spring of Izvarica is rare and unique.

The Spring of Suvi Do, also known as “Suvodolica”, is located in the mere village of Suvi Do, on its western periphery. The altitude of the spring is 295 m. The entire spring is being detained and now there are four drinking fountains in that place. The amount of the water is vacillating and it depends on the amount of atmospheric precipitation. It is surrounded by green conifers that intensify the beauty and loveliness of this place. The locals visit this spring quite often. This year, a manifestation “Homolje Saxophone Festival” was organized for the first time near this spring, in memory of the former resident of this village, Jovan Stanojević who was the originator of saxophone playing in Homolje. Taking into consideration everything that was mentioned above, this place is suitable for the development of excursion and event tourism.

Belosavac spring arises from the limestone section of Tugava (449 m). The altitude of the place where the spring arises is 290 m. It resembles an irregularly shaped lake. The location of Belosavac spring is about 2,5 km west of Žagubica.

“Homoljska potajnica” is the only intermittent karst spring in Eastern Serbia and represents a real natural rarity.  Its location is on the southeastern slopes of the Homolje Mountains, below the hill “Mala Školja”. It is about 12 km away from Žagubica.

Krupaj spring is located in the southeastern part of the Krepoljin - Krupaja basin, below the western limestone section of Beljanica, in the area of Milanovac. It is 35 km away from Žagubica. The road that merges Homolje with Resava passes by the spring. Its altitude is 230 m.

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