Tina Leposavić - "My World – My Theater"

This is an exhibition of paintings, costumes, and dolls by Tina Leposavić.

Tina Leposavić was born in Požarevac. She went to the art high school “Đorđe Krstić” in Niš, in the textile design department. She graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts (the costume design department) in Belgrade, in 2004. Besides costume design, Tina is engaged in painting and illustration. She expresses her deepest emotions through her painting. Her illustrations and paintings have been used several times for adorning both the inside and the cover of books. She is a member of numerous art colonies in our country, as well as abroad. Tina exhibited her paintings several times in collective exhibitions in Belgrade, Požarevac, France, The Republic of Srpska in Bjeljina... By May 2012, she got a status of an individual artist of the Association of Fine Artists of Applied Arts and Designers of Serbia, and later she began working as a costume designer at the Cultural Center in Požarevac. Besides being the costume designer at the Cultural Center, she also helped with the organization of exhibitions, the make-up of actors, the production of masks and costumes, and the accompanying work within the stage activities.

Since 2016, she has exhibited individually. She is a participant in several painting colonies by the artists from the Association of Fine Artists of Applied Arts and Designers of Serbia in our country and abroad. Furthermore, Leposavić is a member of the Association of Artists “Milena Pavlović - Barili”, the Association of Artists “Đura Jakšić”, and the non-governmental organization “ART DISTRICT”.

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