“Museums for 10” – "The Hunting Culture – Donso in the Baman Tradition"

The Native Museum of Homolje participates this year as well in the manifestation “Museums for 10”, which assembles the most eminent cultural institutions in our country.

We have the honor to host the exhibition of the Museum of African Art from Belgrade and to establish cooperation with this institution, which is significant to us.

On Thursday the 13th of May in 2021, we started the manifestation by opening the exhibition The Hunting Culture – Donso in the Baman Tradition.

The organization, ethics, beliefs, and the status of hunters in society were represented at the exhibition by the means of selected objects which Ph.D. Zdravko Pečar and Veda Zagorac collected in Mali and other countries in Western Africa, during the ’60s and ’70s.

Donso is a traditional name for a hunter in the Baman tradition.

At the exhibition, one can also see examples of bogolan cloth, along with the musical instrument called ‘kora’, hunting clothing and equipment, and weapon. The special part of this exhibition is the hunting trophies of Zdravko Pečar.

Zdravko Pečar was the ambassador of SFR Yugoslavia in Mali from 1967 to 1971. Due to his exceptional love for hunting, he achieved something fascinating. Namely, he was proclaimed a donso by the Baman hunters from Mali.

The exhibition could be visited during the following month. Welcome to the Native Museum of Homolje.

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