"The Stone of an Ancient Dreamer"

The visitors of the exhibition had the opportunity to see the artworks painted on canvas and other natural materials – wood, stone, leather, and other materials for everyday usage.

 Bata Anđelković comes from the canyon of the Vučjanka River, where his natural studio is located. One period of his artistic creation he spent with Milić of Mačva.

“My works were created on different bases and objects. Furthermore, I create miniatures without any optical aids that make me famous even beyond the borders of Serbia”, said Anđelković among other things.

“Bata has painted many rocks, and his works have ennobled the canyon of the Vučjanka River near Leskovac, which transformed the picnic area into a peculiar gallery of frescoes. His inexhaustible source is painting in nature and with it. However, he can also find the essence in the Serbian origins, medieval history, and Orthodoxy. Bata’s works ennoble the city of Skobaljić, the natural monument called “The Devil’s town”, the spas in Prolom and Lukovo, and they can also be found in numerous churches and monasteries. He creates both objects of large dimensions and very interesting miniatures. For instance, he painted the image of Vuk Karadžić on a pen feather, the image of Saint Sava on the top of a match, while he painted the bloodline of the Nemanjić family and the image of Patriarch Pavle on wheat grains”. Galina Pavlenko Perić further says that he is specifically proud of the series of portraits called Let us be humans which consists of several portraits of Patriarch Pavle which transform from one picture into the other. She also added that Nebojša Ilić Ilke, among other things, made a documentary about Bata entitled The stone of an ancient dreamer 1 and 2. The documentary has been awarded several times, and it even won the Bronze night award in Moscow.


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