The reception of guests at the Native Museum of Homolje

On the first day of the local convocation, the Native Museum of Homolje in Žagubica organized, inter alia, a short musical program where the visitors had the opportunity to enjoy the performance of the city orchestra from Piotrkow Trybunalski, a fraternal city of Municipality of Žagubica. Furthermore, they enjoyed the performance of Milica Filipović from Žagubica who sang traditional songs, as well as the harmonic instrumentals by Dragan Nikolić, a graduate professor of music.

On the same day, we arranged an awards ceremony according to the competition of 2017 where the prestigious award “The best honey in Serbia” would be given by the Serbian Society for Testing and Evaluation of Honey from Belgrade. They evaluated four categories of honey: acacia honey, sunflower honey, honeydew or forest honey, and meadow honey. Jovica Đurić from Bajina Bašta received the award for the best honey in Serbia in 2017 for his meadow honey.

 Žagubica Municipality was privileged that the awards ceremony was arranged during the local convocation “The Well of Homolje” which represented a special honor for the local government.

During the announcement of the winner, the Commission for Honey Testing and Evaluation gave an Appreciation Letter to both Municipality of Žagubica and the Beekeepers Association “The Honey from Homolje” for their special cooperation and support.

After the realization of the content based on the schedule for the first day of the manifestation, the guests of the local convocation, led by their hosts, had the opportunity to have an insight into a few permanent exhibitions in the Native Museum of Homolje.

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