The presentation of the project “Raising awareness about the importance of the archaeological heritage”

The project “Raising awareness about the importance of the archaeological heritage”, financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information, was presented in Žagubica. This project is organized by the Serbian Archaeological Society and its chairman Ph.D. Adam Crnobrnja with the aim to raise awareness about the significance of the archaeological legacy, and to inform about the regulations and procedures, international conventions and legislation for the protection, preservation and promotion of the archaeological heritage.

The target group of this project is the representatives of the local government, the decision-makers, and the employees in certain professional services in the fields of culture, urbanism, investments, and development. Addressing the present people, the Museum’s director, Saša Ilić, emphasized that other museums around Serbia are participating in this project as well, which improves the preservation of the cultural legacy of Homolje. The protection of the archaeological heritage, as pointed out by Crnobrnja, can be conducted only by good planning and leadership that Žagubica Municipality already possesses. The archaeological heritage can similarly represent a part of sustainable development. 

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