The memorial house of a national hero from Laznica is available for visitors

In Belgrade, on Tuesday the 11th of April, a protocol on cooperation was signed by the descendants of the national hero from Laznica, Jovan and Slobodan, and the president of Municipality of Žagubica, Safet Pavlović. During the following days, they will even sign the treaty which will make the house of the most prominent person from this area an official memorial, namely, the most important cultural and historical monument from the national liberation war that will be available to the public and tourist exploitation. This act also represents a step further to reviving this area and representing it in a proper way.

Jovan and Slobodan Šerbanović, prominent intellectuals from Belgrade, arranged the act of signing the protocol in the rooms of “Energoproject”, where one of the descendants, namely Jovan, was once both the director and an employee, and now works as an advisor to the director. Vladimir Milovanović, the CEO of this company, was present during the act of signing the treaty.

Safet Pavlović, the municipal president, spoke about the importance of the cooperation with the Šerbanović family that gifted Žagubica Municipality with its complete trust. He emphasized the importance of respecting the past and expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation with the Šerbanović family, as well as the given trust and hospitality.

In the following days in Žagubica, they will sign the treaty. It is proof of creating a vision of the future by respecting the past and our ancestors.

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