The first exhibition of stone sculptures

The first exhibition of stone sculptures by Velimir Velja Karavelić was opened in Žagubica in the Native Museum which is still in the process of establishment. This exhibition represents one of the most important events in regard to the culture in Homolje.

The opening ambience was peculiar, and the guests could even hear the sounds of a fife at the request of Mister Karavelić. The exhibition was opened by Voja Kumbrić, the former president of the Association of Fine Artists of Homolje. Mister Žika Stefanović Bosonogi (‘The Barefooted’), who makes sculptures out of wood, addressed the guests by sharing his impressions of the presented work and pointed out that these sculptures should represent the basis of the future school of marble sculpture in Homolje since there is potential for it.

The author himself said that his work reflects his homeland which takes on a biblical character. “The stone defies eternity – that was one of the reasons why I have chosen to create figures out of this material. I am particularly happy that here in Žagubica exists a spiritual sense of art and magnificent traditional music, specifically the fife whose sound speaks more than words. The presented exhibition of figures displays the migration of people who unwillingly left their homes. Therefore, it represents ordinary people who carry a burden and sorrow that pressures them. On the other hand, we have monks who stand for the church and resist all of that”, said the artist Velimir Velja Karavelić.

The exhibition of stone sculptures will be open for a month in the building of the old Cultural Center – the Native Museum in process of establishment in Žagubica.

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