The old Cultural Center in Žagubica was handed over for use

The locals from all the villages in the Municipality of Žagubica had a special reason for celebrating the Day of the Municipality with joy this year, along with the local leadership on the head with the municipal president, Safet Pavlović. The last year was characterized by a great number of completed works on the entire territory of Žagubica in regard to almost all the branches of economy, culture, sport, etc. Thus, the old Cultural Center, being an insignificant ruin until recently, was ‘dressed in a new attire’.

In order to make it valuable, as it should be, the local leadership in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia implemented the project with the aim to construct this edifice which is now magnificent. This edifice will become a gathering place for the members of the hunting section, the council of the local community “The Well” in Žagubica, and the artists from Homolje. Furthermore, it will become the place of treasuring the work of Svetomir Arsić Basara, a prominent artist, since the Municipality of Žagubica is able to deal with great challenges.

“I feel that Žagubica can realize great ideas... It tries its best to put things in order by its modest means and in that way attracts people. With all its possibilities, enthusiasm, and energy, it strives to compensate for all the material impossibilities. Here lies the strength of this nation and that is how people who value honesty and worth are being attracted to it. I wish the citizens of the Municipality of Žagubica to continue following that path and using the same efforts in fulfilling their goals, hence that leads to a bright future”, said Basara at the opening of the legacy.

The exhibition was opened by the municipal president, Safet Pavlović, whereby he, as the representative of the local leadership and all the citizens, thanked Basara for his decision of gifting Žagubica with something this great which gained him the status of a host.

The adapted space of the old Cultural Center, besides being used for the legacy which became the permanent exhibition, can be used for celebrations, meetings, different event organizations, etc.

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