"Calligraphy" by Violeta Marković

“In order to artistically form this technique of beautiful writing and convey it on works, one needs skill along with feeling. Violeta possesses both. The first knowledge about the technique of calligraphy she acquired as early as in elementary school by the means of drawing oblique, straight, and vertical lines. Later, in other phases of her schooling, she created and defined her own style. In general, she uses medium formats of calligraphy writing in medium-sized writing pads and artistically displays them by the means of initials, geometric and floral ornamentation. Cardboard is her most frequent base of writing, where she uses combining techniques (drawing ink, tempera, acrylic, coffee, tea) and different types of feather pens (zealot, ato, rona, goose quills, reed pens)”, said Biljana Milosavljević Pićurić.



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