“The Old and the Gone Fruit of Serbia” – the exhibition

Serbia is quite rich in a great number of old, native varieties of fruit in the most diverse shapes, colours, flavours, and smells. These old, native fruit, which have been cultivated in our area for more hundred years now, are vanishing without return and without records. The exhibition “The Old and the Gone Fruit of Serbia” will present 64 kinds of native and domesticated fruit, among whom there are the following: 

apples: The St. Peter’s Crown, The Cotton Ball, The Rosebud, The Motley, The One-Pounder, The Grease Ball, The Maiden Blush, The Holy Rod, The Hedgehog, The Lamb’s Snout, The Sugar Spice, The Prespa, The Tetovo, The Thick-Skin, The Budim, The Rose, The Frenched Cutlet, The Oriental Princess, The Cake-bake, etc;

pears: The Strawberry Crush, The St. Vid’s Day, The St. Elijah’s Day, The St. Peter’s Day, The Fragrant Vagrant, The Watermelon Squirt, Sijerak, The Honey-Pot, The Istanbul, The Belly Ball, The Flechy-Bite, The He-Goat, Takiša, The Karaman, Bazva, The Squirt, The Monk’s Find, The Sweet Nothing, The Harvest Moon, The Snow Pear, The Pot Belly, The Sheep’s Head, The Balancing Weight, and The Pickle Pot;

plumbs: The Early Bird, The Pozega, The Whitey Bitey, Crveni Piskavac, The Bitter Truth, The Bevine Gnach, Turgulja, The Belly Ball Plumb, etc.

The aim of the exhibition was to present the richness and diversity of a great number of native kinds of fruit from our area which need to be explored, recorded, and preserved. Also, it aimed to promote the rural heritage and affirm the traditional values important for our environment and its remembrance.

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