The photo exhibition by Stanko Kostić in Žagubica

In honor of celebrating the Day of Municipality of Žagubica in the gallery of the fine artists of Homolje in Žagubica, an individual photo exhibition by Stanko Kostić was opened.

Zelenko Stokić said that this exhibition represents a part of the legacy that the excellent photo creator bestowed to the Native Museum of Petrovac na Mlavi.

Janko Lalić, the chairman of the Association, declared the exhibition opened, while the author, Stanko Kostić, said that the photographs can be perceived as petrified two-dimensional structures and sculptures which should be preserved in order to be shown to future generations.

“They represent a documentary study of the heritage of Eastern Serbia, while at the same time, they represent the fruit of my perennial creation and notes which testify to old crafts, natural beauties, goods, and folk customs”, Kostić pointed out.

The photo exhibition by Stanko Kostić will be open for visitors every workday until the end of October.

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