Three exhibitions as part of the eleventh international art colony were opened

The motel “Vrelo” in Žagubica hosted the eleventh international art colony “Homolje ART 2016”. This traditional art event lasts from the 22nd to the 28th of May. It gathered numerous painters who will exchange their experiences and express their talents.

As part of the colony, three exhibitions were opened.

The first exhibition was opened in the studio of the motel “Vrelo”. It is an exhibition of works from the last year's convocation where a great number of academic painters from Serbia and beyond participated.

In the gallery of the Association of Fine Artists of Homolje in downtown Žagubica, an author by Milenko Bujiša and Nikola Branković was opened. Marija Aleksic, the organizer and a participant of the 11th international art colony, solemnly opened the exhibition.

“We are literally on the Spring of Mlava and you should stay longer in order to be able to experience it, to paint it… I was here last year for the first time and I have confirmed it this year. The nature, the people who still have souls are right there. That is what we are looking for, and I am delighted. What we further noticed is that these people are nice and beautiful, especially the ladies. They represent our inspiration. I hope that we will record at least something in our studios when we get home”, said the painter Milenko Bujiša.

As part of the art colony, a small format graphic exhibition by Rodoljub Karanović was also opened in the hall of the Cultural Center. The exhibition was solemnly opened by the director of the Cultural and Educational Center “Jovan Šerbanović, Dragan Zarić.

“At first, graphics represented a method to put images into books. According to that, graphics originally was of a smaller format. However, it was soon forgotten and gallery format started to be used, nowadays even very large formats, namely 2 x 2 m, or larger. The small format was neglected. But then, about 20 years later, a small format exhibition appeared deliberately and rudely… I participated in its setting. And then it started rolling. People started appearing. Everyone made small formats, but no one exhibited them. Permanent exhibitions of small formats can be found now, once or twice a year. There is in Belgrade the so-called “The Big Seal” (an annual award). However, “The Small Seal” was also made and it serves for small formats (an award for small formats). Why? Because the small seal can be closer to people. It is somehow smaller, miniature, perceptible at one glance, and it provides a man with a feeling of intimacy, regardless of the size of the graphics represented in that small format. Many say “small graphics”. There is no small graphics, similar to the non-existence of small painting. It is big as much as it is successful, and the format says something else”, said the painter Rodoljub Karanović.

The lovers of fine arts can see the exhibition until Friday when we expect the closure of the art colony this year.



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