We celebrated the day of birth of Mladen Josifović by presenting the painting exhibition

In honor of the birth of Mladen Josifović from Suvi Do, a famous artist and academic from Homolje, the Association of Fine Artists of Homolje celebrates this day, namely the 10th of March, every year in a special way. For all the artists, this day is very significant and important.

This year, in the hall of the Cultural Center, we hosted the painters’ art workshop from Požarevac, but also the painting exhibition from the international eco-art festival “Čačalica 2015”.

The secretary of the Association, Vlada Todorović, emphasized that the exhibition is important for several reasons. One of them is, for sure, the enrichment of the gallery with magnificent works by authors who selflessly deserve it.

The chairman of the Association of Artists “Milena Pavlović - Barili”, Pavle Miladinović, expressed how satisfied he was since the artists of Homolje always support the activities of the artists from Požarevac. He also mentioned that Žagubica Municipality was represented by the sculptor Janko Lalić and the painter Dragiša Simeonović at the art convocation in Požarevac. The mentioned two artists who created tradition complemented the colony with extraordinary artworks.

The exhibition that was opened in Žagubica, in honor of the birth of Mladen Josifović, besides the participants and other artists from Žagubica, was also attended by the pupils from the elementary school “Moša Pijade” – the talents, the creators of artworks which will be included in the gallery of the Association of Fine Artists.


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