The tenth art colony of AFAH in Žagubica

The tenth art colony “Homolje ART” gathered this year as well all eminent artists from all over Serbia who found their inspiration in the Spring of Mlava. That inspiration they were transferring to a painting canvas for a week, as long as the colony lasted.

The jubilee colony was opened by Milena Pajić, the president of the municipal assembly of Žagubica.

Within the art colony, a painting exhibition was also opened. It was by the art historian Zdravko Vučinić, a painter from Belgrade, by the way, a selector of art colonies in Žagubica. At the opening of the exhibition spoke Vlasta Nikolić, an art historian, about the author and the exhibited works. Ljubiša Jovkić, the vice president of Žagubica Municipality, opened the exhibition.

The artists made a wonderful gesture, namely, they donated to charity some of their paintings which they painted during the colony. These paintings were sold as part of a humanitarian auction organized by the Municipality of Žagubica and AFAH. The funds raised were transferred to the account of the Association of the Disabled of Homolje and will be used to arrange the new rooms. A reception in the president's office was organized for the artists. Safet Pavlović, the municipal president, closed “Homolje ART” on the last day of the colony.

The host of this year’s colony was the Municipality of Žagubica, while the organizers were the Cultural and Educational Center, the Tourist Organization of Žagubica, and the Association of Fine Artists of Homolje. Numerous activities of AFAH will mark the period ahead: the paintings from the last year’s colony will be exhibited at the gallery of AFAH during the manifestation, namely the convocation “The Well of Homolje”; the one-day art workshop organized within the manifestation “A Night in Gornjak” which traditionally gathers poets and painters every August.

In September, all art lovers can expect an individual sculpture exhibition by the academic sculptor Janko Lalić from Laznica in the house of Đura Jakšić in Belgrade.

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