Exhibitions on the occasion of the fourteenth convocation “The Homolje Well”

The Association of Fine Artists of Homolje made an effort to create a special atmosphere in regard to exhibitions for the tourists who visited the 14th convocation “The Homolje Well”. Thereupon, they organized the first individual exhibition by Marija Aleksić from Niš on Thursday, the 23rd of June. Her exhibition was opened with a song by Vladimir Čenaković and Kristina Popović, after which the author addressed the guests and welcomed them with a speech.

A significant content within the cultural part of the program of the local convocation represented the visit to the Native Museum where they had the opportunity to see the exhibition by Svetomir Arsić Basara, an academic sculptor, which, being set up a year ago, already represents a regular heritage of the Museum – in the rooms of the old Cultural Center in Žagubica.

Dragan Jacanović, outside the National Museum in Požarevac, opened an archaeological-historical exhibition called A Journey through the History of Homolje.  

An exhibition from the 10th International Art Colony was also arranged in the Native Museum of Homolje. Vlada Todorović, the secretary of the Association of Fine Artists of Homolje, shared the impression about the attendance and the exhibits.  

Four exhibitions in total during a day have been highly attended. These exhibitions were dignified by the presence of the following people: the president of Žagubica Municipality, Safet Pavlović; the president of the municipal assembly, Olivera Pauljeskić; the vice president of the municipal assembly, Mile Perić; the assistant to the municipal president, Dušan Milosavljević; the presidential advisor on diaspora, Živojin Trifunović; the world-record holder in the Paralympic cone throwing, Željko Dimitrijević; the javelin thrower, Milan Šolaja; the representatives of the National Museum from Požarevac; numerous guests and art lovers.

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