The Church of the Pure Mother of God, also called the Small Church, is a single-nave building of smaller dimensions, built in the tradition of the Raška school with an apse to the east. Four tombstones with inscriptions have been found in the church. Under these tombstones the following people have been buried: the founders Ilija and Teodora; their two underage children; Uglješa Desilalić, the duke of the despots Stefan and Vuk Lazarević; Stefan Kouvet, the son of the leader, namely, the despot Stefan Vuk Kouvet; Vuk Uglješić with his son Stefan Uglješić. This family mausoleum of the rulers of the medieval gorge is of immense importance for historical science because it revealed until then unknown aristocratic families and the two men from these families who got high ranks from the despot Stefan. The last burial took place in 1452, which places the building’s construction into the first half of the 14th century and makes it the oldest sacral building in the monastery complex of the Gornjak gorge.

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