“Homoljska potajnica”

“Homoljska potajnica” is the only intermittent karst spring in Eastern Serbia and represents a real natural rarity.  Its location is on the southeastern slopes of the Homolje Mountains, below the hill “Mala Školja”. It is about 12 km away from Žagubica.

In order to reach this destination, one has to go from Žagubica to Selište by asphalt road and then continue by the macadam road. The phenomenon of this spring consists of two phases. The first phase is filling the reservoir with water when the water does not stream. The second phase represents emptying the reservoir when the water streams from the opening to the surface. The activity of the spring depends on the amount of precipitation. The water eruption is more likely to happen during rainy periods. During periods of drought, it can happen that the water starts streaming after an entire day or more. The water of “Homoljska potajnica” comes to the surface through an opening whose diameter is 20 - 25 cm. The water eruption is announced by the mumbling of the water. Then, a small stream appears which increases gradually until it reaches its maximum, namely 100 liters per second. After the spring reaches its maximum, the amount of the water slowly decreases and finally dries up. The water eruption lasts about 14 to 30 minutes. Many superstitions are related to this phenomenon. The locals call it “Stojanje” after some man called Stojan. That is the reason why many rituals are being performed here which threaten to destroy this natural rarity and transform it into an ordinary spring. The nature in the vicinity of the spring is beauteous and it represents a true delight for the visitors. Due to the exceptional natural value of this hydrographic object, “Homoljska potajnica” has been put under state protection in 1961 for the first time. In 1995, it was declared a natural monument by a decree of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. By the decree on protection in the protected area of natural monuments, a second-degree protection regime was determined

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